About the Band

The Band

The Color 8 is a music group that is made up of different musicians and music genres to expose ourselves and others to new sounds and new perspectives.
The Color 8, who has played shows with Futuristic, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Wayne and Injury Reserve, carry a unique sound with
the many genres they play including rap,
heavy metal and R&B.
The band is made up of four different musicians:
Kal The Thot Slayer – Guitar
Ashton Vaughn Charles- Saxophone & Vocalist
Emmett Nash- Drums
Jeremiah Smith- Bass

First beatsMikal Benion (Kal)


Born and raised in South Phoenix, Kal got into music from playing Guitar Hero in  middle school. His music background started in classical rock and metal, and eventually got into indie, classical, R&B, and jazz in high school and college.

Ashton Vaughn Charles

Saxaphone & Vocalist

Ashton, originally hailing from San Bernardino, CA, comes from a background of Classical music, Neo-Soul, and West Coast Hip Hop. He was first introduced to music at the age of 10 when he was placed in band class and handed a clarinet; he hasn’t stopped since.


Jeremiah Smith (Jerm)


Born and raised in Chandler Arizona, Jerm was born into a very musical family, both of his parents being music directors and 4 other musical siblings. He started playing bass in church, and learned different styles through high school jazz band, orchestra, musicals, and big band.

Emmett Ray (E. Nash)


Hailing from Milwaukee WI, E. Nash brings the rhythm and energy to The Color 8’s sound. Being a multi talented musician like his fellow bandmates, E. Nash brings more than just drums to the band by singing, producing and more.


Latest releases



Blac-Man (Single)

Savage Season

Savage Season (Single)

Summer in October

Summer in October (album)


First Friday (Album)

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